Virangana Comics sprung from the desire and need to create a publishing platform for comics artists in Nepal. The idea was to produce a series of anthologies that would bring together works from different artists on specific themes, each open to the personal interpretation of the participating artists. The result would be a mix of unique insights, visual styles and narratives expressed through the medium of comics, all rooted in a diversity of perspectives and experiences.

The members of Virangana Comics come together as a collective to brainstorm, doodle, discuss and review each other’s works in progress. At its very core, Virangana seeks to offer a space for creativity, constructive criticism, support and growth for comic artists and aspirants. 

Besides publishing comics, as a collective, Virangana also conducts workshops for children and youths on creating and producing their own comics, and how comics can be used as a tool for disseminating narratives, ideas, histories, perspectives, education and so forth.